Windows 10 Firewall Control

Windows 10 Firewall Control 8.3

Full-featured network activity monitoring tool to customize your connections
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Windows 10 Firewall Control is a network activity-controlling tool that will add to your PC all the functionality that the Windows firewall lacks for a full control of your incoming and outgoing connections. With this tool you can control, on an app-to-app basis, which programs are allowed or blocked to move freely in a wide variety of "Security Zones".

Its high level of flexibility when it comes to configuring all your incoming and outgoing traffic is probably the program’s main asset. It includes a long list of more than 30 predefined security zones or network activity areas in which all possible network activity has been divided, and you can enable or disable your applications in each of these zones. These zones can be customized, and you can add new security zones for new areas or for a combination of existing areas. Thus, you can disable and enable an app in all zones or in specific areas, such as IncomingOnly, EmailZone, FTPZone, LanIncomingOnly, Local+DNS+DHCP(svchost), and many more. You can access your programs list at any time and check which zones have been allowed or blocked for each application, and monitor a useful log of events that lists all the incoming and outgoing activity related to such programs. Likewise, you can monitor all the connections created by checking the “Connections” tab. Here you are provided with useful information about the program that performed the connection, the protocol and port used, the IP of the machine it connected to, and the exact time this connection took place.

You can define some default settings for “new” applications (such as enabling or disabling all zones), change the rules for your LAN connections, define your own log files, add a password to the program’s control panel, etc. As a bonus – and a very useful one – Windows 10 Firewall Control can connect to your router to open or close selected ports. This Port Forwarding feature will not only save you time, but will also allow you to enable specific ports for specific applications only.

This is a professional utility that shouldn’t be taken lightly by any potential user. Mastering all its possibilities will require a learning curve that can be made steeper with the help of the program’s comprehensive manual. Monitoring and controlling all your incoming and outgoing traffic is as useful as it is sensitive, and while it will help you protect your PC from malware programs, unwanted incoming connections, and other threats, it may also block some of your network activities unconsciously.

If only for the possibility of adding security settings to each application individually, for that fact that you can manage different network permissions for different security zones or areas, or for the ability to control the network activity of both local and remote apps, Windows 10 Firewall Control is worth trying. As it name implies, this program has been designed to work seamlessly in all Windows platforms, including the new Windows 10 environment. You will surely be surprised by the endless possibilities that this high level of flexibility provides, allowing you to adjust the network activity of each of your programs to your real needs.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Provides comprehensive technical information about your incoming-outgoing traffic
  • Full control of your firewall on a app-to-app basis
  • Includes a port forwarding utility
  • Compatible with the new Windows 10


  • Requires a learning curve
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